ILB launched 9 October, 2016.

The ILB was launched at 2.30pm after a 26ft powerboat broadcast a mayday call. The vessel with one person onboard was in the vicinity of Old Harry rocks in Studland Bay. The skipper had deployed his anchor to try and stop the vessel drifting but unfortunately this did not hold and he was in danger of drifting onto the rocks.

The ILB arrived on scene to find the vessel aground near the shoreline in the corner of Studland Bay near Old Harry Rocks and a crew member was put ashore to check all was well. The inshore lifeboat passed a long tow to the vessel and towed it clear into deeper water and checked all was well onboard.

The vessel was towed to Cobbs Quay and the ILB was refuelled ready for service by 5pm.