Both Boats Launched

Both Poole Lifeboats were launched earlier tonight at 6.30pm Sunday (Nov 6) to assist a 10 metre yacht that was taking on water and sinking.

The inshore lifeboat was initially tasked by Solent Coastguard to the vessel with two people on-board that was in Holes Bay, and was swiftly on scene.

Two volunteer crew were put on-board to assess the situation whilst other crew set up the pump but it was soon apparent that it would not be enough as the vessel was taking on too much water.

The all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch and soon came along side to set up the larger pump that it carries. Using the more powerful pump, the crew battled with the ingress of water, after a short time, when the water levels had gone down, volunteer crew were able to find the cause of the ingress and plug the hole.

The rest of the water was pumped out and the ingress secured, with the vessel made safe the all-weather lifeboat returned back to station.

Both lifeboats were ready for service just after 8.00 pm.