ILB Launch

Whilst the crew were getting  the station ready for the departure of the Tyne on Friday (November 11th)  and sorting equipment for the arrival of the temporary D Class , Poole Inshore Lifeboat  the Atlantic 85 was tasked to a report received that an 8ft dinghy was adrift.

The lifeboat launched at 14:10 to a report of an upturned dinghy drifting in the  channel in Holes bay, the volunteers were soon on scene and located the dinghy, it appeared to have not been used recently, so the crew secured it, towed it out of the channel and put it on a mooring. The crew then passed information to Harbour Control as to its location so that they could  safely recover it.

The lifeboat was back alongside at the station and ready for service by 14:40.