ILB launched 2 December, 2016.

Poole’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched this evening (Friday December 2) to a ‘Pan-Pan’

The lifeboat was requested to launch by Solent Coastguard at 6.00pm  to a 31ft motor cruiser with two people on-board that had broken down and ran aground, just outside Saltern’s Marina, the stricken vessel had raised the alarm by issuing a ‘Pan Pan’ radio call.

Pan-Pan is the international urgency signal that is used as a preface to a VHF transmission when the safety of a person or the boat is in serious jeopardy but no immediate danger exists, but it could escalate into a mayday situation.

The lifeboat volunteers were soon on scene, conditions in the harbour were good, with a north-easterly breeze, and they found the stricken vessel aground on a sandbank, unable to start its engine.

A crewman was transferred across to check that the occupants of the vessel were okay, and to check if there was any ingress of water or noticeable signs of damage, as all seemed well, a towline was connected. The lifeboat towed the vessel into deeper water, safely re-floating the cruiser, the crew then took the vessel into Saltern’s Marina and secured it alongside.

The lifeboat returned back to station and was ready for service by 7.30pm, this was the third call out  in four days for the Poole volunteers.