ILB launched 18 December, 2016.

Poole Inshore Atlantic Lifeboat launched at 12.18pm on Sunday 18 December to reports of a person partially submerged on the rocks at Sandbanks with an injured leg.

The lifeboat volunteers  launched and were soon on scene  at 12.25pm and found a woman on the beach by the water line.












Two crew were dropped ashore to check out the casualty,  who had been knocked over by a large dog.  The two crew made an assessment and found that the person had injured her knee; as she was close to the water’s edge, with the tide now going out, the decision was made to make the casualty as comfy as possible and to keep her warm with blankets. The casualty was in considerable discomfort, so the lifeboat crew kept her comfortable whilst awaiting the paramedics who would be able to administer pain relief.

Poole coastguard arrived on scene to also give assistance.

When the the Paramedics arrived they administered  pain relief and first aid, the  casualty was then transferred onto a stretcher and carried out across the sand by the ambulance and coastguard crews.

The lifeboat crew returned back to station and was ready for service by 2pm.

Volunteer Helmsman Dave Riley said:

‘It was a good  multi agency effort today, between the lifeboat crew, coastguard and ambulance service. The decision was made to evacuate the lady by ambulance as she was in considerable pain and the paramedics were able to administer pain relief.  We wish the lady a speedy recovery’.