ILB launched 12 March, 2017.

Poole Atlantic lifeboat was on exercise yesterday (Sunday March 12) proceeding down the main channel at about 09.45 volunteers spotted a 29ft yacht near to the jet ski area with steam coming out of the back of the boat, the helmsman made visual contact with the person on the deck as it did not look right and the person waved at the lifeboat indicating that they may require assistance.

The lifeboat went alongside the yacht which had three people on-board, they had been on passage from Poole to Falmouth when the problem with the engine arose, a lifeboat crewman was conveyed on to the yacht and the volunteers advised the people below to turn the engine off as it was over heating.

A stern tow line was attached as with the tide now going out the yacht was drifting precariously towards the shallow water and sandbank, the lifeboat proceeded to tow the yacht back and set it alongside on Poole Quay, where the yachtsmen were able to safely repair their engine. As all was safe and well, just after 10.30am the Atlantic lifeboat carried on with its exercise in Poole bay on its return they found that yacht had been repaired and was to continue with its passage.

The lifeboat returned back to station and after refuelling was ready for service by 12.30pm.