Sea Safety Day At Cobbs Quay

The lifeboats and our sea safety team have been down at Cobbs Quay for the Sea Safety Day.  A flare amnesty has seen over 2000 flares brought in for disposal, the oldest being dated in the 70’s!
Chris and his sea safety team have been busy with life jacket checks. A very well supported event and a very important message regarding out of date flares.
DO NOT keep them as back-ups and DO NOT set them off on bonfire night or for fun as it is a criminal offence to set a distress flare off, other than in a genuine emergency.
Using a distress flares that have exceeded the  past its expiry date could easily lead to serious injury and could potentially cause damage to a vessel or other property.
Once a distress flare has passed its expiry date the chemical compounds inside will begin to degrade. The problem with this degradation is that you will never know to what degree the compounds inside have deteriorated and as a result the way it behaves when it is ignited will be totally unpredictable, they may fail to ignite properly, it may burn very slowly then explode causing terrible injuries, the date is there for a reason, please check the dates, replenish where necessary, store safely and stay safe.