Both Lifeboats Launched

Both Poole Lifeboats launched this afternoon (May 28) after an 8.5 metre motorboat ran aground at the entrance to the River Frome.

The Atlantic Lifeboat initially launched at 3.37pm and was soon on scene. The vessel was some distance out of the channel and hard aground with the tide due to go out. The skipper had encountered a squally shower, and with visibility reduced unfortunately drifted out of the channel.

Due to the distance the vessel had drifted out the channel and the falling tide the Atlantic helm immediately requested the launch of the station D class to assist as the opportunity to take the people off would soon be gone.

The D class launched at 3.59pm and was soon on scene with the Atlantic. Once on scene the D class slowly made headway to the vessel through the shallow water churning up mud on the way, and with the tide now starting to fall a quick pick up of the four people on-board was required.

The vessel was made secure and an anchor laid and the 4 occupants were taken to the Atlantic for transport to Ridge Marina. Helm Neil Ceconi said, ‘It was unfortunate that the squall came through and visibility reduced at a crucial time in a narrow channel.

The skipper did the right thing to call for assistance and everybody was wearing lifejackets in case the situation became much worse.’

Both lifeboats were re-fuelled and ready for service at 6pm.