Poole Lifeboat Tasked To Medical Evacuation In Poole Bay

The Poole lifeboat was launched at 17.45 by Solent Coastguard (Wednesday June 14) to a medical evacuation, a ‘Mayday’ was received.

 A 26 ft. yacht with three people on-board was heading back towards Poole when one of the people was taken ill.

The lifeboat met the vessel in Poole Bay and transferred a crewman across to assess the casualty who had initially been unconscious but had since come round. The Coastguard had also tasked Helo 106 and they had arrived on scene.

The lifeboat left the yacht to rendezvous with the helicopter, where the winchman was transferred on-board the lifeboat. Meanwhile, the yacht had continued on its way into Poole Harbour heading to Poole Quay where an ambulance had been requested to stand by. The lifeboat conveyed the winchman onto the yacht and first aid was administered.

The yacht went alongside at Poole Quay Boat Haven and with assistance from the Poole mobile Coastguards the casualty was transferred to the care of the waiting ambulance.

The lifeboat then took the winchman out to the harbour where he was safely transferred back to the helicopter standing by.

 The lifeboat crew returned back to station and the lifeboat was ready for service by 19.45

 Poole Lifeboat volunteer Dave Riley said;

 ‘This service demonstrated great multi agency working between all assets, lifeboats, Coastguard, helicopter, paramedics and mobile coastguard, we all wish the lady a speedy recovery’.