Poole Lifeboat back to back to Shouts

Poole lifeboat volunteers were tasked  (Friday July 14) at 14:30 by Solent Coastguard to a broken down 6.5 metre speedboat with 3 people on-board, their reported position was off Old Harry Rocks.

The lifeboat volunteers were soon on scene but the speedboat was not in the area, it appeared that the initial communication regarding the vessels position was incorrect. Information soon came through that the stricken vessel was actually off Peveril Point, near Swanage.

 The lifeboat located the speed boat and checked that the occupants were okay, the crew then  attached a tow line and brought the vessel back to Poole and onto to its  mooring at Cobbs Quay.

As the lifeboat crews were about to refuel Solent Coastguard requested that they launch again to assist a yacht with two people on-board that had encountered a broken down engine as they were making their way to Poole, conditions out in the bay were slight with a breezy westerly wind.

 The 11 metre yacht had requested assistance, they were 4 miles east of Old Harry rocks making their way under sail.  The lifeboat came alongside checked that all was okay on-board and attached a tow line, bringing them safely back into Poole harbour on to a mooring at Poole Quay Boat Haven, where the yachtsmen intended to get their engine repaired.

The lifeboat refuelled the second time round and was ready for service by 19.00