ILB launched 1 September, 2017.

With the weather set fair, the planes took to the air, for the second day of the tenth Bournemouth air show, (Friday September 1)

The Poole Lifeboat was out and about in Poole bay along with numerous vessels when at 13:45 Solent Coastguard radioed through to the volunteers, and tasked them to assist a 27ft Hardy motor vessel with four people on-board, the vessel had fouled a prop on some fishing gear they were about 1/2 mile West of Bournemouth Pier.

A lifeboat crewman entered the water and attempted to cut the line free but due to the depth and the buoyancy of his lifejacket, he was unable to reach down.

So it was decided that a tow line be rigged up so that the Atlantic lifeboat could tow and put a gentle strain on the boat, this enabled the crew to access the weighted end of the fishing gear and free the stricken vessel from the bottom.

The boat had two engines and once it was confirmed that the second propeller was free of any obstructions the vessel was able to make its own way home, where they would be able to engage a commercial diver or organise a haul out to clear out the remaining rope.
The Atlantic lifeboat then continued to patrol the Poole bay area ensuring everyone else was safe before returning to station at the end of the second day of the airshow, the volunteers refueled the lifeboat ,it was ready for service by 18.30.