Poole Lifeboats Conduct Search In The Early Hours

Both Poole lifeboats launched early this morning (Tuesday October 3) to a distressed person who was reported to be in the vicinity of Bramble Bush bay, the area inside the harbour just south of the chain ferry.

The Atlantic launched first, at 01.20 and made its way through the harbour followed by the D Class shortly after.

Once on scene the volunteer crew on the Atlantic lifeboat combed close to the shore, extensively searching the area and along the moorings and moored boats. Meanwhile, the D Class searched along the shoreline, covering the shallow areas. Conditions were calm and visibility clear. 

The police and Coastguards were also on-scene, after an extensive search the casualty was located safe and well. The casualty was taken under care by the police and the lifeboats were stood down and returned back to station, refueled and were ready for service just after 03:45am.