ILB launched 29 October, 2017.

Poole Lifeboat launched at 20.10 (Sunday October 29) to assist a 23ft bilge keel yacht that had ran aground off Swineham Point at the entrance to the Wareham Channel.

The vessel with two people on-board had been heading back to their berth when they found themselves stranded, they waited for high water but found that they were not able to re-float.

As the darkness fell and the sea mist intermittently rolled in, the casualties asked Solent Coastguard for help. The Poole lifeboat was tasked and was soon on scene.

The crew checked that the people on the yacht were okay, then attached a tow line to pull them free and re-float the vessel. The  lifeboat escorted the yacht back to their berth at Ridge.

The Poole volunteers journeyed back to the lifeboat station through the eerie mist after refuelling, the lifeboat was ready for service by 22.30.