Poole Lifeboats Launched

Both Poole Lifeboats tasked to search for a person possibly in the water
On Tuesday November 21 at 17.37 both the Atlantic 85 and D Class launched to a report of a distressed person, dressed in dark clothing who had possibly entered the water in between Shore Road and Alum Chine.
The lifeboat crews arrived on scene and worked together saturating the area, they were joined by a training Trent Class lifeboat nearby.
The D Class scoured close in along the shoreline, with the coastguards searching the water’s edge, the helicopter was also requested.
Conditions out in Poole Bay were pitch black with a fresh south westerly wind that made it quite choppy.
News came through that the person had been found ashore, the helicopter was stood down and at 19:10 the lifeboat crews were also stood down, the Trent continued on passage and the Poole Lifeboats headed back to station.
After refuelling both lifeboats were ready for service by 20:00.