Poole Lifeboat Launched To Windsurfer

Poole Lifeboat was launched today (Tuesday January 2) at 14.30 to a report of a windsurfer in difficulty near to the entrance of the harbour.
Staff on the Chain Ferry had observed a windsurfer whom appeared to be in difficulty with his board down towards Stoney Island.
They contacted Solent Coastguard on Chanel 16 as they were concerned for the windsurfers safety.
The windsurfer then drifted on his board out of the harbour across the Chain Ferry and then out of sight, swept away on the strong ebb tide which by then was hard away. Solent Coastguard requested that the Poole lifeboat be paged and launched.
The lifeboat was soon on scene, conditions out in the bay were choppy with a brisk westerly wind, the lifeboat was about to begin a search and when the windsurfer appeared on the North Haven side, safe ashore.
Two lifeboat crew went ashore to check that the casualty was okay, which he was, he had just got caught out by the ebb tide and conditions.
The casualty needed to get back across to the South Haven side and the Chain ferry folk very kindly offered him a free passage back across to Shell bay.
Knowing that the casualty was safe the Lifeboat crew returned back to station and were ready for service by 15.30.
Volunteer Helmsman Dave Riley said;
‘As it turned out it was a call with good intent today, we would always encourage anyone who sees somebody in difficulty or a situation that does not seem right to contact the Coastguard’.