Launch To Cabin Cruiser Mayday Call

Poole Lifeboat launchedat 21.30 (Sunday January 7th) to a ‘Mayday’ call from a 40ft cabin cruiser taking on water in Blood Alley.

The vessel with two people on-board raised the alarm with the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) after being at anchor, aground  in Blood Alley which runs south of Brownsea Island, as when the tide came back, the boat began to take on water.

Conditions in the harbour were extremely cold and very dark, as the lifeboat volunteers made their way through the darkness, the vessel came upright in the rising tide and stopped taking on water.
The lifeboat was on scene just before 22:00 and checked the vessel making sure that all was well, as all was okay and the vessel was back afloat, not taking on anymore water, the ‘Mayday’ was cancelled and the lifeboat returned back to station.
After refuelling the lifeboat  was ready for service by 23:00.