Brew With The Crew & Recruitment Day!

Poole Lifeboat Station is now looking to recruit the next group of Trainee Crew to join the station. On Saturday 12th May 10AM -2PM the Station is hosting a ‘Brew with the Crew’ for those keen to pop in and have a chat through the process of joining the crew and find out a bit more about what it entails.

Being a lifeboat crew member is a real honour and privilege and we are really keen to recruit new crew who share the passion and commitment to the role that the existing crew and other volunteers at the Station display. Being a member of the crew is considerable commitment and entails committing to be available a reasonable percentage of the time for training, station meetings and events within the local community. Obviously responding to requests to launch through the pager that you would be given is the key part of your role and after an initial 6 monthly training programme you would expect to go to sea on service launches – you would get issued a pager though after a short period of initial training and you would then respond and assist with launches like all other crew. You are not though expected to be available 100% of the time as by us having an appropriate compliment of crew we can ensure all have a good balance of time between being on call or not.

Whilst a boating background is undoubtedly beneficial it is not essential and the RNLI’s competency based training system has been created to develop the skills to be able to be a highly effective lifeboat crew member.

To be able to respond within an appropriate time to the station, in the event of a launch request, as a rough guide you are likely to live no further from the station than an area roughly defined by Poole Park, Poole Hospital, Oakdale and Hamworthy.

In terms of the recruitment process, after initial interviews Trainee Crew join on a 12 month probationary basis as a means to ensure that you joining the station as full crew is the right thing for you and the station. To further your interest in joining the crew please email with a little about yourself and why you may wish to join. Please include a contact phone number. We hope that you can join us on the 12th May but even if you cannot please do email us to establish contact so that we can chat with you.