Late Night Launches For Poole Lifeboat 15/05/18

The Poole volunteers were once again in action late yesterday (15 May) as the pagers sounded again at 11pm.

A 30ft cabin cruiser with 3 people onboard had suffered a flat battery and was drifting between the Harbour entrance and Old Harry Rocks.

On arrival a crew member was put onboard to help attach a tow and the vessel and 3 occupants were taken back to Poole Quay Boat Haven.

As they tied up alongside the lifeboat was re-tasked to its 3rd call in only a matter of hours as they went to a 45ft yacht aground just outside Cobbs Quay.

With the tide falling a crew member was swiftly put onboard and the vessel towed clear.

The lifeboat was then re-fuelled and ready for service by 1:45am.

Helm Alex Evans said ‘it’s been a busy day for our volunteers as they’ve dealt with a capsized vessel, broken down boats and most recently one that has run aground. Our crews put in a lot of effort training for all these eventualities.’