Poole Lifeboat Launched 16/05/18

Poole Lifeboat was in action again for the 4th time in two days today (May 16).

A 26ft yacht with two people onboard was making its approach through the harbour entrance when its engine failed. With the tide flowing out of the harbour a call was made for assistance.

The lifeboat launched at 4:45pm and shortly after arrived onscene. A local harbour patrol boat had attached a tow and was keeping the vessel away from danger. The lifeboat passed a crew member onboard and attached their own tow and took the vessel safely back to Poole Quay.

Helm James Kilburn said ‘it’s been a busy 48 hours for us. If you are heading to sea or near the coast please take care and Respect The Water.’

The lifeboat was re-fuelled and ready for service by 6pm