Poole Lifeboats Launched For 5th & 6th Time In 3 Days

The busy spell continues for the Poole Lifeboat Volunteers. Today at 12.45pm, Poole lifeboat was requested to launch by UK Coastguard (Thursday May 17) to a 31ft yacht with two people on-board, the yacht had got caught out on the edge of the Training bank, incurring damaged to its rudder.
The Training Bank runs alongside Shell Bay, it is a long low bank of rocks that ‘train’ the tidal flow in and out of the harb
our and can be quite treacherous. The lifeboat was on scene by 13.00 and found the vessel at anchor on the edge of the Swash Channel. Two crew were transferred across, they made sure all on-board were okay, they then checked the vessel over, looking for any signs of an ingress of water as there may have been unseen damage.
The weather out in the bay was fine, but with the light easterly wind there was slight chop on the water.
As nothing untoward was found, the crew set up an ‘alongside tow’, and brought the stricken vessel back through the Harbour to East Dorset Sailing Club, the lifeboat left the vessel on its mooring as the occupants were happy to make their own way ashore, the lifeboat returned back to station.
Meanwhile, the D class lifeboat was requested to launch at 14.50 to assist a Jet Ski, who was broken down near to Lake Pier as the lifeboat arrived on scene, they found the jet skier had swam ashore to the beach, he was very cold, so the crew took him on-board and towed the Jet Ski back to Baiter Slipway where he had launched earlier.
As all was well the crew returned back to station and after refuelling they were ready for service after 15.15pm.

Volunteer Helm Alex Evans said;
‘It has been a very busy period for the crew, with the weather set fair for the weekend if you are thinking of going afloat, please can we remind people to wear a lifejacket or a personal flotation device and be aware of cold water shock. If you do enter the water, wearing a lifejacket will help you withstand cold water shock and prolong your survival long enough for you to be recovered, We would also urge people to have a means for calling for assistance, like the jet skier today, as any of us can get caught out or breakdown, if you are unfortunate to do so, we will be on call ready to help’.

This was the 5th and 6th launch for the crews in the past 3 days.