Poole Lifeboat Launched 26/05/18

Poole Lifeboat was requested to launch by UK Coastguard at 15.10 (Friday May 25) to a report of a broken down 9ft speedboat with a fouled prop.
The vessel with one person on-board was in the area known as ‘Poole Patch’ which is 1 mile South of Shore Road, and an area of rocks which is popular for fishing.
The weather was fair but the force 3 easterly wind was whipping up a bit off chop outside the Harbour.
The lifeboat crew were soon on scene and found the vessel had got caught up with a fishing pot and had rope wrapped around its propeller. Two crew were transferred across to check the boat over and a tow line was attached so that the vessel could be towed back alongside. The lifeboat gently towed the vessel enabling the crew on-board to work free the obstruction from the prop.
The boat then managed to restart its engine and make its way back through the harbour under its own steam so the lifeboat escorted it through the harbour, making sure that it was running okay and no untoward damage had occurred.
As all seemed well, the vessel made its way back to Cobbs Quay .The lifeboat refuelled and was ready for service by 16.30.