Both Poole Lifeboats Tasked 27/05/18

Both Poole lifeboats were tasked by UK Coastguard at 19.15, this evening (Saturday May 27) as a report came through that a woman paddle boarder was in difficulty at Whitley Lake, which is inside the harbour, off Shore Road,
The Atlantic lifeboat was first on scene and found the paddle boarder sat on the paddle board being towed by a windsurfer who was struggling to tow the paddle board. The lifeboat came alongside and checked the casualty was okay.
The D class lifeboat arrived on scene, the casualty was transferred across on to the inshore lifeboat, and the casualty was tired but alright.
The inshore lifeboat made its way through the shallow waters, taking the casualty ashore at the end of Shore Road where the Poole Coastguard unit were standing by.
There was a fresh north easterly wind force 3-4 that was blowing the casualty off to sea, this was hampering the paddle boarder’s efforts to get back to the beach, and fortunately the casualty did have the means to call 999 and asked for help as she was heading further and further away from the shore
Both lifeboats returned back to station and after refuelling were ready for service at 20.30