Poole Lifeboat Launched To Bournemouth Pier 04/06/18

Poole lifeboat was requested to launch by UK Coastguard to a report of young person in the water on Monday June 4th.

The lifeboat launched at 6.50pm as a report had come through that a young person required assistance and was in the water east of Bournemouth Pier.

The lifeboat crew were soon on scene and found the young person, with a lifebuoy that had been thrown from onlookers, the crew took the young person on-board, she was very cold but okay, they brought her safely ashore and transferred her to shore units and Southbourne Coastguard unit who were standing by.

The lifeboat returned back to station and after refuelling were ready for service by 8.10pm, the crew headed home except for the Helm who had been buying fish and chips when his pager went off, a big thank you to Lakeside Chip shop by Asda as they kept his dinner to one side and warm for when he returned.