Poole ILB Launched 11/06/18

Poole Inshore Lifeboat launched (Monday June 11) to a report of a sighting of an upturned kayak in the back of the harbour.
The Lifeboat crew launched at 19:40 and made their way to an area known as Wood Bar Looe, this is the area of water and mudflats between Rockley and Wareham Channel. When the lifeboat arrived on scene, they actually found a blue upturned tender in the water.
The crew examined the tender, it would appear that it had just been set adrift, there was nothing to suggest anything otherwise, the 8ft tender had no identifying markings or signs of recent use, so the lifeboat volunteers righted the vessel and took it ashore to Lake Pier. The lifeboat crew placed it above the High tide mark and passed it into the care of the Poole Coastguards.
The crew happy that there was nothing untoward, made their way back to the station, once refuelled the lifeboat was ready for service by 21.15pm.