Poole ILB Launched 12/06/18

Yesterday evening a 10m yacht struck the training bank just outside of Poole Harbour entrance and was left high and dry on the rocks overnight while the skipper waited for the next high water.

The yacht, re-floated this morning and made her way to Studland Bay, where the skipper discovered she was taking on water. The yacht’s manual bilge pump could just about keep up with the ingress, but with only the skipper on board further help was going to be needed to get the boat back to Poole and Swanage Lifeboat Station was requested to launch.

Two Swanage crew were placed onboard along with the lifeboat’s salvage pump and the casualty headed under her own power towards Poole, escorted by the lifeboat.

The salvage pump was used to empty the bilges a few times on the passage to Poole. Poole ILB was called to take over the casualty and passed over two crew and their own salavage pump. Crew and pumps were swapped, allowing the Swanage lifeboat to return to station whilst the Poole volunteers escorted the vessel to Cobbs Quay.