Poole Lifeboat Launched 04/07/18

Poole Lifeboat launched at just after 4pm (Wednesday July 4) to a report of a possible swimmer in difficulty, east of Bournemouth Pier, a person by the Cumberland Hotel at East Cliff had called the Coastguard.

The lifeboat crew were soon on scene and conducted an immediate search of the area, they had come across a swimmer with a float, west of Boscombe Pier who was okay.

Nothing untoward was found and then information came through that the first informants description of the swimmer potentially in difficulty matched the one that the lifeboat had passed west of Boscombe Pier.

It seems that it was a call with good intent so the Lifeboat crew were stood down and returned back to station, they were ready for service by 4.45pm

Volunteer Helm Dave Riley said:

‘The Poole Lifeboat crew will always respond and we thank the first informant for making that 999 call, as it is always  better to be safe than sorry. They did the right thing as the time they don’t make that call is the time that it may have a very different outcome’.