Lifeboat Launched To Swimmer 07/07/18

Poole lifeboat launched just after 5.30pm to a report of a person in the water.

UK Coastguard tasked Poole lifeboat on one of the hottest afternoons in July so far, a report came through that there were concerns for a person in the water by the Chain Ferry.

The lifeboat volunteers were soon on scene and found the casualty had been scooped up by a passing vessel and was safe.

Conditions in the harbour were pretty good with a slight north easterly breeze.
A crewman was transferred onto the vessel to check that the casualty was okay, it appeared that he had been in water for some time, so the decision was made to request an ambulance to standby at North Haven steps.


The casualty was transferred onto the lifeboat, and made comfortable, then the lifeboat made its way to the awaiting ambulance and Poole coastguard unit, whom the casualty was conveyed into the care of.

Volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said;
‘The casualty was extremely fortunate, the people passing by at the right time, realising by the actions of the people on the beach who were alerting them to the situation, that he was in real difficulty, and getting him out of the water, saved his life’.

The lifeboat returned back to station, refuelled and was ready for service by 7.30pm.