Back to Back Shouts 20/07/18

Poole lifeboat crews were on exercise (Thursday July 20) when a call came through from UK coastguard that there was someone in the water near to Jazz Café that needed help, the casualty had entered the water and then felt unwell.

The lifeboat was on scene swiftly at 7.30pm, they found that the casualty’s friend, who had initially raised the alarm and managed to get him safely ashore.

Two lifeboat crew went ashore to assess the casualty as they were completing their assessment an ambulance arrived, so the paramedics took over casualty care and took the casualty to hospital.
The lifeboat returned back to station just before 9pm and as they just finished washing down the boat getting it ready for service the pagers rang out.

The lifeboat was requested to assist a 21ft speedboat with two people on-board that had broken down somewhere between Bournemouth and Boscombe Pier.

The lifeboat made their way to the piers and found the vessel nearer to Boscombe Pier, a crewman was transferred on-board, checked that the people were okay then a tow line was attached and the vessel was brought safely back into Poole Harbour and onto Cobbs Quay.

The lifeboat returned back to station , with the help from shore crew that were waiting for the boat to come back, the lifeboat was made ready for service by 1am.