Poole Lifeboat Launched To Baiter 29/07/18

Poole Lifeboat was tasked by UK Coastguard (Sunday July 29) just after 6pm to a report of a person in the water off Baiter slipway.
The lifeboat swiftly arrived and found that the person was already ashore with Poole Coastguard, who were on scene.

It seems that the person had waded out to his yacht which was moored off Baiter to put another anchor out and secure his vessel, someone ashore observing the actions and the rough weather, raised the alarm.
Conditions were choppy, with the squally showers and blustery winds blowing from the south west, as the man was safe ashore, the lifeboat returned back to station and was ready for service by 6.45pm.

Volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said;
‘Fortunately, it was a false alarm call or a call with good intent, if anyone has any concerns about people in the water, we would always advise them to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, as the time that you don’t may be the time, that its a call for real’.