Two Launches For Poole Lifeboat 24/07/18

On Tuesday (July 24th) Poole Lifeboat was tasked to assist a vessel off Pottery Pier, by the time the lifeboat crew arrived on scene the vessel had managed to sort itself out, the lifeboat escorted it to the main channel then returned to station.

Then at 7.30pm whilst Poole lifeboat was out on exercise, it was diverted to help a boat on Studland beach.
The 23 ft. motor vessel with one adult and six children on board had been at anchor when the wash from the Condor Ferry arriving back to Poole had washed them high and dry on to the beach.
With a quick nudge and a push and a pull with a towline , the vessel was off free, with no damage done, the motor boat was then happy to make its own way back home.
The Lifeboat crew returned back to station after using some of the exercise skills in earnest, job well done, the picture taken from Studland Beach shows the vessel afloat.
the lifeboat was ready for service by 9.15pm.