Back To Back Launches 04/08/18

Poole Lifeboats launched just before 12.45 to a report of 3 persons in the water and 2 floating jet skis, the 3rd Jet Ski was sinking.

The jet skiers were in the water ski area just north of Brownsea so both lifeboats were immediately on scene as most of the crew were at the lifeboat station preparing for our Open Day.

Conditions were calm and clear and stiflingly hot, as the volunteers arrived on scene, the D Class inshore boat took the person out of the water and checked he was okay, the other 2 jet skiers had gone to assist the casualty, so they were happy to continue on their way, the D class towed the submerged jet ski to Baiter slipway, the Atlantic lifeboat stood by then assisted to drag the stricken jet ski up on the beach out of the water.
As the jet skier was none the worse for his adventures both lifeboat returned back to station notching up 70 ‘shouts’ so far this year between them, but hey hold on, lets make that 71
because as they made their way between the quays, the Atlantic lifeboat was re-tasked to a report of a 37ft yacht aground on Stoney Island.

The first informant was a Poole lifeboat volunteer who had been enjoying lunch at Shell bay and had witnessed the vessel going aground and getting into trouble.

The vessel was on passage out of Poole harbour, when it found the notorious Stoney island, which is a patch of hard Stoney ground on the right of the main channel as you depart Poole.

As it was high tide, the vessel would not have got off any other way, so a tow line was attached and the lifeboat pulled them out into the deeper water, whilst in the channel to the entrance of the harbour, the two people on board checked the bilges for any ingress and were happy to continue on their way.

Volunteer Jonathan Clark said;
‘They are not the first to go aground and they certainly won’t be the last, it can catch even the most experienced crew out’.

Poole Lifeboat returned back to station, and were ready for service just after 14.00