First Shout For Our Newest Helm 07/08/18

Poole’s inshore lifeboat was out on the water (Monday August 7) an evening’s exercise , it was a night to remember for one of the volunteers, Dave Bursey as he was ‘passed out’ as a helm, all his hours of training and preparation did not prepare him however for his first ‘Shout’ as helm which transpired at the end of the exercise.

UK Coastguard diverted the inshore lifeboat from training as a report had come through that there was a vessel adrift in Poole Bay, the location reported was between the piers, the first informant who reported the sighting was up on the cliff top.

The inshore lifeboat proceeded to the area and began to search for the vessel which they did not find, however they did discover a partially submerged tent!

How it got there was a mystery as there were no signs of any campers, so the volunteers recovered the tent and passed it to Southborne coastguard who were on the beach they had been searching the shoreline.
As nothing untoward was found, the lifeboat returned back to station and after refuelling was ready for service

Volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager Paul Glatzel said;

‘It was call with good intent (no pun intended) the tent was possibly blown out to sea from the beach. Congratulations to Dave for his pass out, the lifeboats cannot launch without a helm, it’s a very important position, as they are responsible for the inshore lifeboat during launching, at sea and through recovery, as well as the safety of the crew on board. Dave will certainly remember his first shout as a helm, first of many no doubt’.