Poole ILB Launched To Broken Down Yacht 07/0/2018

At 2.30pm the Poole inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist a 13ft power boat that had broken down, a ‘PAN- PAN’ had been received from a yacht that was between Diver Buoy and Aunt Betty Buoy in Poole Harbour, when they had come across the stricken vessel amidst the shallow area of the harbour moorings.
When the lifeboat arrived on scene they found the stricken power boat with 4 people on-board tied alongside the yacht in the shallows between the Main and North Channel but as the yacht went to help they also lost power.
The lifeboat checked all was okay and transferred a crew member on board the yacht who attached a tow line and took the yacht to a mooring where it was secured, the D’ class then took the 13 ft powerboat to Salterns.
The crew refuelled supported by the shore helpers, they rehoused the lifeboat and got them ready for service, all keeping busy.