Both Boats Launched To Kayakers 27/10/2018

The pagers rang out for the 2nd time today as a report came in of two people in difficulty in an inflatable kayak.
Two teenagers had set out for a paddle in an inflatable kayak and found themselves in difficulty. The strong northerly wind had taken them to a shoreline between Russel Quay and the entrance to the Wareham River. The teenagers were getting increasingly cold and realising their predicament called for help but were unsure of their exact location.
Both Poole Lifeboats launched and proceeded to search from Rockley Point towards the Wareham River. It wasn’t long before the D class spotted two people on a secluded shore waving which turned out to be the two kayakers.
The two people were found to be extremely cold so a quick evacuation was required. The inshore lifeboat took the two people onboard and took them out to the Lifeboat which was standing by in deeper water. The crew wrapped the pair up to avoid them getting any colder and best speed was made for Poole Lifeboat Station.
On arrival at the lifeboat station they were given dry clothes and and a warm drink, no further medical attention was required.
Volunteer helm Ed Davies said ‘the weather has really changed this weekend and the wind was bitterly cold and blowing from the north. The teenagers had buoyancy aids on and did the right thing to call for help when they realised they were in difficulty.
Both lifeboats were re-fuelled and ready for service by 5pm.