Lifeboat Launched To Windersurfer 10/11/2018

Poole Lifeboat launched at 12.30pm (Saturday November 10 ) by UK Coastguard to a Windsurfer that was reported to be in difficulty, when the lifeboat arrived on scene, they found the windsurfer sat on his board in the surf on Hook Sands. Hook sands is a sand bar just outside the entrance of the Harbour,
The lifeboat was on scene in 6-7 minutes, conditions were blustery, and with strong South westerly winds 4-5 blowing through with squally sharp showers, it wasn’t pleasant.
The lifeboat crew checked that the windsurfer was okay, and recovered him onto the lifeboat with his rig and landed him safely back ashore at Shell bay.
The crew were heading back to station when the Coastguard tasked them to search round Brownsea, a report had come through that two more windsurfers were in difficulty had been seen south of Brownsea Island.
The lifeboat carried out a thorough search of the area, the weather was relentless, with continuous squalls, gusting through with hailstones at times.
The crew scoured the area there were no other vessels or people out on the water, as nothing untoward was found, the lifeboat crew returned back to the station, after refuelling the lifeboat was ready for service by 3pm.