Launch To Poole Bay 27/12/2018

Poole Lifeboat was tasked at 3.40pm by UK Coastguard (Thursday December 27) after a report had come through that someone had spotted something not quite right in the water, possibly a vessel, fishing boat or raft , a mile and a half South of Alum Chine.
The lifeboat volunteers scrambled and made their way to Poole Bay, they came across a fishing boat that had been in the area where the person had thought that they had seen a vessel in trouble, the people on the fishing boat , confirmed that they had not seen anything untoward.
Visibility in the bay was clear and fine and the lifeboat crew conducted a search of the area, however as nothing untoward was found, the UK Coastguard stood the lifeboat crew down.
The lifeboat was ready for service by 5.30pm.
Volunteer Helm Alex Evans said;
‘It was a call with good intent today and we will always launch when requested and investigate’.