Types of launches for Poole lifeboat crew

Types of casualty

Each year, Poole lifeboats launch to a variety of incidents and different casualty types including:

  • sail pleasurecraft
    • yachts, sailing dinghies, kitesurfers, windsurfers, sail training vessels
  • power pleasurecraft
    • motorboats, personal watercraft (jetskis), diving boats
  • people in the water
    • swimmers, divers, missing people, person fallen from cliffs
  • people ashore
    • people on piers, shoreline, sandbanks and rocks, injured and ill people
  • manual pleasurecraft
    • canoes/kayaks, inflatable dinghies, rowing boats, pleasurecraft, surfboards
  • fishing vessels
    • large and small fishing vessels, angling boat
  • commercial vessels
    • passenger vessels, large merchant vessels, harbour launch
  • MOD vessels

Causes of launch

The causes of the launches are many and varied and over the years have included:

  • distress signals
  • machinery failure
  • stranding or grounding
  • person in danger of drowning, in distress or missing
  • capsize
  • vessel adrift
  • fouled propellor
  • man overboard
  • dismasting
  • fire
  • person ill
  • collision
  • aircraft crashed