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Poole Lifeboat Launched To Baiter Slipway 16/07/18

Poole lifeboat was launched today at 4.15pm (July 16) to a report of two people in the water off Baiter slipway.

The lifeboat volunteers were on scene in minutes and found two small sailing dinghies capsized with one person in the water and one person sat upon one of the upturned dinghies.
The first informant had raised the alarm whilst on the shore at Baiter. The dinghy with the youngster on board capsized, his granddad had taken his dinghy back ashore packing up for the day, and he then relaunched to assist the youngster then in turn got into difficulty himself.
The lifeboat recovered the gentleman from the water, he had been holding onto the dinghies, the volunteer crews checked him over, he was extremely cold and had an injury to his eye, meanwhile the volunteers brought the young lad on board he was also extremely cold, they kept them both warm with blankets and made them comfortable as they headed back to the lifeboat station, whilst radioing ashore to request an ambulance to attend.

When the lifeboat arrived at the station, shore crew were on hand to meet the lifeboat and the casualties were transferred across into their care and then onto the ambulance crew.
The lifeboat returned back to Baiter to recover the dinghies and then passed them to the care of Poole Coastguard who were in attendance on the slipway.
The casualties were taken to Poole hospital, the youngster was extremely cold and showing signs of hypothermia.
The lifeboat returned back to statin and after refuelling was ready for service by 5.15pm.

Volunteer Helm Dave Riley said;
‘Thankfully the person on the shore made that 999 call as even though it’s sunny and fine, it’s a different story when you have been in the water for some time. Hypothermia is a physical condition that occurs when the body’s core temperature falls below a normal 37° C, think of hypothermia as the opposite of heat stroke, the lad was extremely cold, we wish them both a speedy recovery ’.

Poole Lifeboat Launched To Person In Water 15/07/18

As the heatwave continues the third call out this weekend for Poole lifeboat crews
Poole lifeboat volunteers were tasked by UK Coastguard at 19.00 to report of a person in the water, clinging to a buoy off Shore Road.

The lifeboat was on scene within 8 minutes, some 200 metres off Shore Road and found an elderly man with two jet skiers holding him up, keeping his head above the water using the jet skis as support.

The casualty had entered the water for a dip near a festival on Sandbank beach and then got into difficulty, he was clinging on to a buoy, calling for help, and fortunately two jet skiers were in the vicinity and responded to his calls.

The lifeboat crew transferred the casualty into the lifeboat and carried out casualty care, keeping the elderly gentleman warm and administering oxygen, it was ascertained that the casualty had been in the water for some time and had consumed an amount of water, meanwhile the Helm had radioed, to request an ambulance to stand by for an immediate medical evacuation.

The lifeboat took the casualty to North Haven steps and met up with Poole Coastguards, who were standing by, with their help, the casualty was then transferred off the lifeboat and carefully conveyed up the steps which are quite treacherous at low water with the green slime and seaweed, he was transferred to the ambulance crew, who took the casualty to Poole hospital.

The Lifeboat returned to the station and was ready for service by 20.45


Poole Lifeboat Launched 14/07/18

Poole lifeboat launched today just after 5pm (Saturday July 14) by UK Coastguard to assist with a medical evacuation. A report had come through that a man with a spinal injury needed to be urgently evacuated off the beach. The lifeboat crew made their way to Shell Bay, the casualty was being attended to by Paramedics and Swanage Coastguard.
As the lifeboat arrived on scene, three crew went ashore to assist the paramedics, they helped to move the casualty onto a spinal board, and then after making the casualty comfortable, they transferred him to an ambulance that was standing by on the Ferry Road, Studland.
The casualty had suffered a suspected serious spinal injury, the ambulance took him to Poole hospital to be assessed and treated further.
The lifeboat returned back to station after refuelling and washing down the lifeboat was ready for service by 7.30pm

Volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said:
’It’s always tricky to evacuate casualties from the shoreline and beaches where there is no immediate access, this was a multiagency medical evacuation and we all wish the casualty well’.

Poole Lifeboat Launched For Second Time 14/07/18

Then at 10.20pm Poole lifeboat and the D class lifeboat were requested to launch to a report of a boat in difficulty with 9 people on-board near the entrance to the Wareham Channel. The 20 ft wooden boat had been on passage back from Wareham Quay and encountered engine problems, they were trying to row back, but the vessel was taking on water, and not making much headway in the dark.

The lifeboat found the vessel as the occupants waved the lights from their mobile phones , they checked that everyone was okay and transferred 4 of the casualties onto the Atlantic, to lighten the load so that the D class could manoeuvre into position and set up a towline bringing the vessel back to Moriconium Quay.

The lifeboats left the casualties, who were all happy to be back safely ashore and returned to station, they were ready for service at midnight.

Volunteer Helm Alex Evans who had earlier just finished a talk to the Morgan’s Owners Club dinner at the RNLI College, as he was leaving his pager rang out and he raced down to the station to respond, said;

‘They did the right thing and called for help, before the situation became worse, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, It would be advisable to always have a means of calling for help and lifejackets as situations can change without warning and the outcome could be very different’.

Lifeboat Launched To Speedboat On Beach 10/07/18

The busy period continues for the Poole Lifeboat volunteers as UK Coastguard tasked the lifeboat at 5.20pm to a report of a boat being swamped just west of Bournemouth Pier.

The Lifeboat crew were swiftly away and soon on scene they found a 20ft open speedboat full of water in the surf line on the beach at Bournemouth , with the waves breaking over it. The lifeboat crew, used their salvage pump to extract the water but the surf kept breaking over and refilling the vessel up, as nobody was in danger and the vessel was not a hazard to navigation the lifeboat was stood down, the mobile coastguard unit stayed with the vessel and owner on the beach. As the lifeboat was departing the UK Coastguard re-tasked the volunteers to a report of jet skiers in difficulty, the informant had said that the jet skis were 2 miles South East of Canford Cliffs, the lifeboat found the jet ski 300 yards from Alum Chine happily fishing, so it was a call with good intent.

Volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark Said; ‘There was a slight breeze tonight but conditions were fair, there was a bit of surf coming in, the boat was firm aground and will wait for high water.The jet skiers had not broken down as first feared, so all was well’. The lifeboat was back on station after refuelling by 8.15pm.

Shortly after 9pm the Lifeboat was requested to launch again, the Poole Coastguard team had remained on scene with the vessel on the beach and had bailed out much of the water. With it now being high water and the sea conditions now much calmer the opportunity was taken to remove the vessel to a safer location.

The lifeboat arrived onscene and working wit the Poole Coastguard team a tow was attached. With little effort the vessel was towed clear and taken back to Parkstone Bay Marina.

The lifeboat was ready for service by 11.25pm.


Poole Lifeboat Launched To Boat With Gearbox Failure 09/07/18

The Poole lifeboat launched just before 4.30pm (Sunday July 9) by UK Coastguard to assist a 28ft boat that had gearbox failure.

The vessel with 5 people on-board had encountered a problem with its gearbox at the entrance of the harbour, the slight south westerly breeze had nudged them on to sand on the East side, North of the Chain ferry.

When the lifeboat volunteers arrived on scene they found the boat stuck aground. A crewman was transferred across to check all was okay and a tow line was attached , the lifeboat tried to gently pull the vessel free but it wasn’t moving

A decision was made to transfer the 5 crew ashore at nearby North Haven steps to lighten the load then the lifeboat attempted again to re-float the vessel and applied more power, aided by wash thrown up from passing vessels, the lifeboat successfully released the stricken vessel.

A tow line was attached and the lifeboat brought the boat back to its berth at Cobbs Quay. The casualties on-board had done the right thing and had radioed for help before the situation got worse.

The boat was familiar to the crew as its owner is the stations, Lifeboat Operation manager, who in the meantime had dispatched another vessel to pick up the stranded group of 5 from the North Haven steps.

After refuelling the lifeboat was back on station and ready for service by 7pm.

Paul Glatzel commented “As volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager at Poole Lifeboat Station and as someone who runs a RYA Training Centre whilst I’d certainly prefer that one of my boats doesn’t need assistance from a lifeboat, the reality is that if you spend many hours afloat sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. On one of our boats it seems that the engine stuck firmly in forward gear and going to reverse increased forward revs leading to the vessel grounding alongside a jetty. The highly experienced Instructor on board dealt with the issue really well and after ensuring everyone was okay sought assistance from Solent Coastguard immediately advising them that he would need the assistance of Poole’s Atlantic class lifeboat to get off the sandbank. To experience both the highly professional crew on the Atlantic and at the Station assisting one of my boats was great to see even if it’s something I’d prefer doesn’t happen again!

If you get into trouble afloat then make sure you contact the Coastguard at the earliest opportunity as they can then ensure you are allocated the right resources quickly in case the situation deteriorates – which these things can do. Make sure you have safety kit such as lifejackets and means of summoning assistance on-board and give thought to what you will do if you need to seek assistance. For the four candidates on a RYA Dayskipper Practical course it was a course never to forget and they were really grateful for the very professional assistance of the RNLI and Coastguard”

Lifeboat Launched To Swimmer 07/07/18

Poole lifeboat launched just after 5.30pm to a report of a person in the water.

UK Coastguard tasked Poole lifeboat on one of the hottest afternoons in July so far, a report came through that there were concerns for a person in the water by the Chain Ferry.

The lifeboat volunteers were soon on scene and found the casualty had been scooped up by a passing vessel and was safe.

Conditions in the harbour were pretty good with a slight north easterly breeze.
A crewman was transferred onto the vessel to check that the casualty was okay, it appeared that he had been in water for some time, so the decision was made to request an ambulance to standby at North Haven steps.


The casualty was transferred onto the lifeboat, and made comfortable, then the lifeboat made its way to the awaiting ambulance and Poole coastguard unit, whom the casualty was conveyed into the care of.

Volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said;
‘The casualty was extremely fortunate, the people passing by at the right time, realising by the actions of the people on the beach who were alerting them to the situation, that he was in real difficulty, and getting him out of the water, saved his life’.

The lifeboat returned back to station, refuelled and was ready for service by 7.30pm.



Poole Lifeboat Launched 04/07/18

Poole Lifeboat launched at just after 4pm (Wednesday July 4) to a report of a possible swimmer in difficulty, east of Bournemouth Pier, a person by the Cumberland Hotel at East Cliff had called the Coastguard.

The lifeboat crew were soon on scene and conducted an immediate search of the area, they had come across a swimmer with a float, west of Boscombe Pier who was okay.

Nothing untoward was found and then information came through that the first informants description of the swimmer potentially in difficulty matched the one that the lifeboat had passed west of Boscombe Pier.

It seems that it was a call with good intent so the Lifeboat crew were stood down and returned back to station, they were ready for service by 4.45pm

Volunteer Helm Dave Riley said:

‘The Poole Lifeboat crew will always respond and we thank the first informant for making that 999 call, as it is always  better to be safe than sorry. They did the right thing as the time they don’t make that call is the time that it may have a very different outcome’.

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Gladys Maud Burton Launched 02/07/18

Poole’s inshore lifeboat was tasked by UK Coastguard on Monday evening (July 2) at 6.45pm to a report that a paddle boarder required assistance at Whitely Lake which is the dedicated board sailing at Sandbanks, inside the harbour.

The D class ‘Gladys Maud Burton’ was soon on scene and on arrival found that the exhausted paddle boarder had taken refuge on a yacht moored by, the yacht had contacted the coastguard.
The lifeboat crew checked that the paddle boarder was okay and then took them back to shore.
The lifeboat returned back to station, refuelled and was ready for service at 8.15pm
Volunteer helmsman Steve Porter said;
‘Conditions in the harbour were quite choppy, the South Easterly wind had strengthened just catching the casualty out, conditions can change swiftly and it is always recommended to have a means for calling for help’.


A Busy Saturday For Poole Lifeboats 30/06/18

Sunshine and fine weather brought crowds to the beach and out and about on the water enjoying the heatwave.

At 11.30 (yesterday June 30) the Poole lifeboat launched to a report of a 37ft yacht with two people on-board who needed help, they were at the Poole Bar buoy, which is at the beginning of the Swash Channel heading into Poole. They had asked for assistance as their forestay had snapped whilst they were on passage, add to the mix that they were entering an unfamiliar harbour, with the risk that their mast was coming down, conditions in the harbour were fine with a North Easterly wind 2-3

The Poole Lifeboat volunteers were swiftly on scene and met the yacht halfway down the Swash Channel, two crew, one who is an experienced ‘Yachty’ himself, was transferred on-board, they spotted that the forestay had snapped and in turn had made the rest of the rigging loose. They quickly attached additional lines as a temporary stays, to secure the mast and prevent it from falling down.

The vessel was safely escorted to Poole Quay Boat Haven, after making sure all was well, the lifeboat returned back to station and was ready for service by 1.30pm.

Then at 5.45pm Poole lifeboat volunteers were requested to launch to a report of two missing people off the beach at Bournemouth Pier, the volunteers were on route and at East Looe channel when information came through, over the radio from UK Coastguard that the lifeboats assistance was no longer required as the persons were safe and well ashore, so the lifeboat headed back to station, whilst the crew were closing down, word came through that a 5 meter speedboat had broken down between Rockley and Lake Pier. The volunteers were swiftly on scene by 7.30pm, after checking that the two people on-board were okay they attached a tow line and brought them safely back to Rockley Park.

The lifeboat crew headed back to the station, after refuelling the boat was ready for service by 8.45pm