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First Two Launches For Both Boats 06/01/2019

Poole Lifeboats were both launched at just before 6pm (Sunday January 6 ) to a report of an injured person at the Chain Ferry, Sandbanks.

When the lifeboats arrived on scene, the casualty was already safe, in an ambulance and Poole Coastguard rescue team were standing by.

As all was well the UK Coastguard stood the lifeboats down, as the volunteers were heading home back to the station, the UK Coastguards re-tasked the lifeboat crews to a report of a missing person off Southborne.

The lifeboats made their way to the location and had arrived off Boscombe Pier, conditions were cold but still and calm, then news came through over the radio, that the missing person had been found safe and well by the police.

Both lifeboats were stood down and returned back to station and were made ready for service after refuelling by 8pm.

Launch To Poole Bay 27/12/2018

Poole Lifeboat was tasked at 3.40pm by UK Coastguard (Thursday December 27) after a report had come through that someone had spotted something not quite right in the water, possibly a vessel, fishing boat or raft , a mile and a half South of Alum Chine.
The lifeboat volunteers scrambled and made their way to Poole Bay, they came across a fishing boat that had been in the area where the person had thought that they had seen a vessel in trouble, the people on the fishing boat , confirmed that they had not seen anything untoward.
Visibility in the bay was clear and fine and the lifeboat crew conducted a search of the area, however as nothing untoward was found, the UK Coastguard stood the lifeboat crew down.
The lifeboat was ready for service by 5.30pm.
Volunteer Helm Alex Evans said;
‘It was a call with good intent today and we will always launch when requested and investigate’.

Boxing Day Launch For Poole Lifeboats 26/12/2018

Poole Lifeboat was launched by UK Coastguard on Boxing Day (Wednesday 26 December) at 5.30pm to a report of a speedboat sinking with four people on board off Lake Yard at the top end of the harbour.

The lifeboat volunteers swiftly made their way through the harbour, it was a still dark night and there was a strong ebb tide. They came across a moored yacht with a dory, a small speedboat, tangled up in the yachts mooring chain. There was five people on-board the yacht, who had been aboard the Dory, the lifeboat crew checked that they were all okay.

It came to light that the Dory had become entangled in the mooring chain of the yacht, a speedboat which had been out with the Dory came to assist but found itself getting into difficulty and sank.
When the lifeboat arrived on scene, they were told that four people had entered the water but after a short search of the area it was ascertained that the four people had made it safely ashore, as the lifeboat was searching they made contact with the casualties on the yacht.

The lifeboat recovered the five people from the yacht that were off the Dory and landed them ashore at Lake Yard then returned to untangle the Dory from the yacht, which they also took to Lake Yard. Poole Coastguard rescue team were also on hand ashore, they made sure that everyone had been confirmed safe.

The D class was also launched to assist in the search for the four people in the water and once it was discovered that they were safe and well, they located the submerged speedboat and secured it to a mooring buoy so it would not drift off, preventing it becoming a hazard to navigation.

Both lifeboats returned back to station, the D class refuelled and both boats were ready for service by 7.30pm.

Lifeboat volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said;
‘The information that we were given was sketchy and confusing, eventually all people were recovered safe and well. It was a good outcome that could have been a lot worse’.

Bath Tub Race 2019

Poole’s annual New Year’s Day Bath Tub Race returns to see in 2019.

Pop along to the quayside to cheer on the crazy crews as they take to their specially constructed bathtub vessels for this annual feel good race.

The race will start at The Customs House Steps heading down to the Lord Nelson

Start time will Be 10.30am (approx)!


Look Who Came To Visit!

The children at Poole Lifeboat Station are very much part of the station family. All too used to the pager sounding as family members rush off, we thought it only fair to throw a party and meet the big man himself.

Without family support our volunteers couldn’t do what they do.

Merry Christmas.

Lifeboat Launched To Person In Water 20/12/2018

Poole Lifeboat was launched last night at 22.20 (Thursday December 20) to a report of a person in the water between the Boscombe and Bournemouth piers.

Volunteers were at the station for their annual pre-Christmas gathering as the pagers rang out, the duty crew were swift to respond.

The lifeboat was soon on scene, through the squally showers, with the sea running at a 3 metre swell and gusting south westerly winds.

Due to the weather conditions, the Poole Helm requested Swanage Lifeboat Station to launch to assist, and then information came through that a person was safe, ashore with an ambulance crew, but then concerns were raised, as the first informant had not been accounted for and their mobile was unattainable, there was a strong possibility that they had entered the water to help recover the initial casualty.

Poole CoastguardSouthbourne Coastguard and the Police were also on scene and the coastguard helicopter, ‘Rescue 163 from Lydd was also tasked.

An intensive search ensued of the area and shoreline involving all resources, Poole Lifeboat crews covered from Durley Chine to Boscombe Pier through the relentless breaking waves.

After several hours of searching, nothing untoward was found, the decision was made by UK Coastguard to stand all assets down, Poole Lifeboat volunteers returned back to station, exhausted and were ready for service by 2am.

Night time rough weather call

The winter weather is certainly here and for the second time this week our volunteers have faced strong southerly winds and rough seas.Take a look at this 8 second clip. This is what our volunteers endured for over three hours in a recent search.

Posted by Poole Lifeboat Station on Saturday, 22 December 2018

Both Boats Launched To Person In Water 18/12/2018

Both Poole RNLI Lifeboats along with RNLI Mudeford lifeboat were tasked today (Tuesday December 18) to a report of a person in the water, 25 metres off, by Bournemouth Pier

Poole volunteers launched at 11.17 to a report that a person had entered the water off Bournemouth Pier, Rescue helicopter 175 and Southbourne Coastguard / Poole Coastguard were also tasked by the UK Coastguard.

Conditions out in Poole Bay were extremely rough with stong southerly winds and a 4 metre swell.

As the D class was passing East Looe channel, news came through over the radio that the person was ashore, so the D’ Class was stood down and returned back to station, meanwhile the Atlantic had arrived on scene, west of Bournemouth Pier, the Poole Lifeboat was requested to standby alongside the Mudeford Lifeboat as it was not clear how many people had entered the water at that stage.

One person had been buffeted ashore by the onshore wind, he had been carried by the breakers as they pounded the beach, an ambulance crew were on scene, and the casualty was transferred to Bournemouth hospital.

The Lifeboats were stood down as they received confirmation that no one else was involved in the incident and Poole Lifeboat returned back to station, refuelled and made ready for service by 12.30pm.

Poole Lifeboat volunteer Helm Ed Davies said;
‘Conditions were horrendous in the bay, it was extremely lumpy out there, with the surf running hard. The onshore wind was quite challenging, however it helped the person, as he was pushed by the surf ashore’.

Crew Training

During today’s training our crews practiced slow speed transfers. This skill is used if a vessel is underway so crew and equipment can be safely transferred.

We had some of our newer crew onboard so they took the opportunity to step across while our helms practiced the boathandling aspect.

Both Boats Launched 09/12/2018

Both Lifeboats were tasked by UK Coastguard just after 3:15pm(Sunday December 9) to a report of a person in the water off Shore Road.
As the lifeboats were making their way through the harbour news came through that the person was safe and ashore with an ambulance crew, so the lifeboats were stood down and returned back to Station.