Coastal Safety

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Photo: Nigel Millard

Photo: Nigel Millard

In an emergency please do not call the station.

Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

Poole Lifeboat Station Community Safety Officer and volunteers

image (4)Poole Lifeboat Station has its own Community Safety Officer (CSO), Chris Holloway, who is also a Deputy Launching Authority and member of the Lifeboat Management Group.

Chris heads up a team of 10 volunteer members who are trained to a very high standard on safety equipment, which includes lifejackets.

Chris says: ‘As with all RNLI volunteers, we come from many different walks of life, but the one thing we have in common is that we all love boats!’

Advice onboard

The CSO’s role is to provide safety equipment advice both onboard and ashore to all leisureboaters for whatever craft you take to sea – from personal watercraft or dinghy to a sailing or motorcruiser up to 14m.

One of the many services we offer is a free visit to your boat to offer advice on the safety equipment that the RNLI considers would be appropriate to carry, how to maintain it (particularly lifejackets), how to use it and plan for things that might go wrong out at sea.

What we suggest you carry takes account of your type of boat, its size and the type of use you put it to.

And, if you have yet to equip your boat, or are wanting to update some of your equipment, we’re more than happy to visit your boat to discuss some options before you buy. A visit can take place wherever your boat happens to be – a harbour, marina, boatyard or your home and it is also completely confidential.

Remember it’s free and there is no pass or fail (although it might cost you a cup of tea!).

Safety demonstrations

Photo: Nathan Williams

Photo: Nathan Williams

Our dedicated team of volunteers just love to talk about safety at sea! An RNLI sea safety demonstration at your club will help keep you and your friends safe, while also being a fun, interactive addition to your calendar of events. We can provide lifejacket demonstrations, showing you how to fit and adjust it properly, what extras you can add to it and how you can perform simple maintenance checks.

Contact us

Please get to know your local CSO and his or her team, and feel free to ask any general sea safety questions whenever you bump into us – we’re always happy to talk boats and lifejackets!

To arrange a visit, or a demonstration, please contact:

Chris Holloway,
Community Safety Officer
Mobile: 07712 868115
Telephone: 01202 665607 (Station)

Send email

or check out all our Coastal Safety events on our Calendar of Events page.

Sea safety guide

Complete Guide

Our interactive publication Sea Safety: The Complete Guide is essential reading for anyone who finds themselves drawn to the water. It covers a range of different watersports aimed at all levels of boating with a vast amount of interactive content.





Disposal of expired pyrotechnics

If you want to hand over time-expired pyrotechnics, like distress flares, for safe disposal you must contact your nearest centre to make an appointment.

In Poole

The nearest designated place to Poole Lifeboat Station where members of the public can take out-of-date pyrotechnics is:

RNLI Security Gatehouse

RNLI Security Gatehouse
Corner of West Quay Road and Slip Way
BH15 1HZ

Telephone: 01202 336336

Open: Monday–Sunday; 1000–1130 and 1400–1600

Photo: RNLI/Martin Wale

Photo: RNLI/Martin Wale

Please note they only accept pyrotechnics from recreational water users and disposal is by appointment only so please phone in advance.

When you phone, please be ready to give details of the type, quantity, age and condition of your time-expired pyrotechnics.

Legal notice

It is an offence to dispose of flares at sea or in the general refuse, or to let flares off in a non-distress situation.