Launching Authorities

  • Rod Brown

    Lifeboat Operations Manager

    Owner and Sailmaker, Quay Sails

    Joined 1993

  • Geoff Barfoot

    Deputy Launching Authority

    Owner Boones, Ironmonger

    Joined 1988

  • Pete Probut

    Deputy Launching Authority

    Retired plumber and fisherman

    Joined 2009


  • Jonathan Clark


    Marina Manager, Sunseeker

    Joined 1984

  • Paul Taylor

    Mechanic and Chairman Poole and District Fundraising Branch

    Full-time station Mechanic, Poole Lifeboat Station

    Joined 2005 (and St David's Lifeboat Station 1993)

  • Andy Elton

    Second Coxswain

    Technical Project Manager (Support), RNLI

    Joined 1990

  • Dave Riley

    Deputy Second Coxswain, ILB Helm, Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer

    RNLI Trainer, RNLI College

    Joined 2005 (and Eastbourne Lifeboat Station 1996)

  • Glen Mallen

    Deputy Second Coxswain and ILB Helm

    Senior Training Manager, RNLI College

    Joined 2008 (Rye Harbour Lifeboat Station 1995)

  • Wayne Belcher

    ALB Third Mechanic and ALB Crew


    Joined 2007

  • Neil Ceconi

    ALB Third Mechanic and ALB/ILB Crew

    Systems Tehnician, RNLI

    Joined 2008

  • Gavin McGuinness

    ILB Helm and ALB Crew

    Technician/Coxswain, RNLI

    Joined 1994

  • Ed Davies

    ILB Helm and ALB Crew

    Senior Naval Architect, RNLI

    Joined 2010 (Aberdovey Lifeboat Station 2005-2010)

  • James Kilburn

    ILB Helm and ALB Crew

    RNLI Trainer, RNLI College

    Joined 2009

  • Anne Millman

    ALB Crew

    Freelance Editor

    Joined 1995

  • Pete Smith

    ILB Mechanic and ALB Crew

    Skipper and Marine Engineer

    Joined 2005

  • Simon Mumford

    Shore Crew

    Emergency Care Practitioner

    Joined 1998

  • Oliver Mallinson

    ALB Crew

    RNLI Operations Manager (Lifeboats), RNLI

    Joined 2008 (and Salcombe Lifeboat Station 2006-2008)

  • Mark Ponchard

    ILB and ALB Crew

    Boatbuilder, Sunseeker; and Fisherman

    Joined 2008

  • Rob Inett

    ILB and ALB Crew

    Operations Engineer, RNLI

    Joined 2008

  • Adrian Rosser

    ILB and ALB Crew

    Joined 2011

  • Alex Evans

    ILB and ALB Crew

    RNLI Trainer, RNLI College

    Joined 2012 (and Porthcawl Lifeboat Station 1999-2012)

  • Chris Speers

    ILB and ALB Crew, and Website Designer

    Digital Designer, RNLI

    Joined 2012 (and Portrush Lifeboat Station 2009-2012)

  • Dave Bursey

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew, and Website Developer

    Company Director, Swans

    Joined 2012

  • Suzie Jupp

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Chartered Physiotherapist, Poole Hospital

    Joined 2012

  • Joe Manning

    ILB and ALB Crew

    Marine Electrician, RNLI

    Joined 2012

  • Graham Painter

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Yard Hand, Cobbs Quay Marina

    Joined 2012

  • Steve Porter

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Production Support Coordinator, All-weather Lifeboat Centre, RNLI

    Joined 2012

  • Lewis Singleton

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Lifeguard, RNLI

    Joined 2012

  • Anthony Skerman

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Apprentice, RNLI

    Joined 2013

  • Will Collins

    Trainee ILB and ALB Crew

    Information and Data Processor, RNLI

    Joined 2012

Other Station Officials and Roles

  • Chris Holloway

    Lifeboat Management Group Chairman

    Senior Project Manager, Morgan Sindall

    Joined 2006

  • Carole Brown

    Lifeboat Treasurer and Administration Offficer

    Owner, Quay Sails

    Joined 2001

  • Anne-Marie Clark

    Lifeboat Press Officer

    Finance Office/PA to Chief Executive, Dorset FA

    Joined 1999

  • Brenda John

    Lifeboat Visits Officer

    Retired Manager, EF Language Travel

    Joined 2008

  • Adene West-Webbe

    Vice-Chairman, Poole and District Fundraising Group

    Communications Officer, Borough of Poole

    Joined 2007

  • Dr John Prosser

    Lifeboat Medical Adviser


    Joined 1995

  • Dr Jon Turner

    Deputy Lifeboat Medical Adviser


    Joined 2011

  • Sally Revell

    Website Editor

    Events Administrator, RNLI

    Joined 2010

  • Watchman

    Crew Mascot

    Full-time Observer, Poole Lifeboat Station

    Joined 1990