History of Poole Lifeboat Station: 1990–99



The yacht Mouette was reported to have steering failure off Old Harry Rock on 18 May with three people on board. It made progress into Poole but by dark the yacht had not arrived. The lifeboat made her way to the last known position of the yacht but could find no trace of her. After some time searching the Swanage lifeboat was launched to help. Both lifeboats started to search downwind (force 6 easterly and increasing, very rough sea) and down tide along with a helicopter. After a long search the yacht was spotted 5.5 miles SW of St Aldhelm’s Head. The helicopter lowered a man aboard and established that this was the missing yacht. By this time Poole lifeboat had arrived and placed a crew member onboard to pass a tow rope. The tow was secured and started the long tow home. The tow parted three times due to the heavy swell and breaking seas but was reconnected each time. Eventually the yacht was brought into Poole Harbour.

Letter of Appreciation from the Chief of Operations.

A two-storey extension to the Police building on Poole Quay was constructed. Facilities include a fuel and oil store, general purpose store, an office and crew facilities. The extension was officially opened by the Mayor of Poole on 27 July. The cost of the building and the design costs were partially funded by Poole Council and the Borough Architects Department.


On 19 September the yacht Sherpa was in difficulties in Poole Bay, dismasted and with a fouled anchor. A crew member was put onboard to clear the rigging and attempt to clear the anchor. The anchor was let go and a tow passed over. The yacht was towed back to Poole.

Crew member Andrew Hawkes and Coxswain Steve Vince – Letter of Appreciation from the Chief of Operations, RNLI.


The old lifeboat station situated at Fisherman’s Dock on the Town Quay, which was used as an RNLI museum, was surrendered to the council.

Photo: Graham Wilding

Photo: Graham Wilding

Letter of Appreciation from Chief of Operations – 30 May 1991 – yacht Triumph.


Letter of Appreciation from Chief of Operations – 18 December 1992 – sailboarder.


Letter of Appreciation from the Director – 13 April 1993 – yacht Bavarian Lady and 8 lives saved.

A Borough of Poole Civic Award was presented to the lifeboat crews for their outstanding courage during a service on 20 June when two speedboats collided.

Borough of Poole Civic Award

Letter of Appreciation from the Operations Director (August 1993) and a second letter from the Staff Officer Operations (Training) to Paul Savage after the successful resuscitation at the 1993 Open Days.

Letter of Appreciation from Chief of Operations – 23 September – speedboat aground near Giggers Island – occupant stuck in mud in fog.


The A class Boston Whaler lifeboat was withdrawn and replaced by a B class Atlantic 21 lifeboat, which was kept in a newly-built floating boathouse. The floating boathouse cost £109,000.

Lifeboat house under construction,  being manoeuvered into position off quay Poole, Dorset.

Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Relief Brede class lifeboat Foresters Future and ILB launched to Purbeck Gem, the local ferry, carrying 114 passengers on 30 July. Had gone aground in darkness and thick fog in the narrow channel leading from the River Frome. One person, who was intoxicated, had fallen overboard and was very cold.



The Coxswain ordered that the bar should close on the ferry. The lifeboat then took the intoxicated man, and other anxious persons, to Ridge Wharf. Lifeboat then returned to Poole Quay and collected blankets and escorted another vessel through the fog to take off the remaining people. Lifeboat took off 48 people and landed them at the Royal Marines base. Purbeck Gem had by then refloated and was able to get back to Poole Quay.

Letter of Appreciation from Director of RNLI to Steve Vince.
Letter of thanks from HM Coastguard.


Framed Letters of Thanks, signed by the Chairman, were presented to Coxswain Steve Vince and Crew Members Robert Doak and Geoffrey Langley for the service on 29 June 1994 to the yacht Bloodhound. Before taking the yacht in tow, Crew Members Robert Doak and Geoffrey Langley transferred to the casualty and brought it under control.

The new B class Atlantic 75 lifeboat B-710 Friendly Forester II was placed on service on Wednesday 26 April. This lifeboat was provided by a generous gift from the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society in memory of Nora Gladys Green. The lifeboat was named on 15 August.

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Letter of Appreciation from the Director to Crew Members Paul Singleton, Paul Savage and Mark Phillips after the successful rescue and resuscitation of a drowned lady off Bournemouth Beach – 30 July 1996.

Letter of Appreciation from Chief of Operations – 6 November 1996 – yacht Lady Porsch.


RNLI’s 175th anniversary.
Freedom of the Borough of Poole.

Poole Lifeboat  (48)

Letters of Appreciation from the Chief of Operations 2 August 1999 to crews of inshore and intermediate lifeboats for the service to the yacht Lord Trenchard.

Photo: Bournemouth Echo

Photo: Bournemouth Echo

Letter of Appreciation from Chairman of the Medical and Survival Committee to Crew Members Anne Millman and Paul Savage for the service to the yacht Lord Trenchard.